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Lamda Biotech has a long history of innovation in PCR reagents and PCR kits leading to high quality, consistency and competitive pricing. → more


For cDNA and gene expression analysis, Lamda Biotech offers products for RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, qPCR and real-time PCR. → more

Genotyping Genotyping

Lamda Biotech is now offering a wide selection of genotyping products for mouse, plant and bacteria. Our kits offer high quality, ease-of-use, and timely results at great prices! → more

DNA/RNA Isolation KitsDNA/RNA Isolation Kits

With our own breakthrough technology in DNA purification, our products match or exceed those offered by larger companies. Our DNA Purification Kits feature superior quality, high yield, ease of use and substantial cost savings. → more

DNA Ladders & MarkersDNA Ladders & Markers

Lamda Biotech has developed an exciting new array of DNA Ladders and Markers that make it easier to recall DNA size, and more convenient to calculate DNA concentration. → more

Transfection ReagentsTransfection Reagents

The best DNA transfection reagents can be found here. → more

Protein ResearchProtein Research

We offer Protein Ladders, BCA and Bradford Assays, Super Ni-NTA Agarose for His-tag Protein Purification, ECL Western Blotting Kits, and more! → more

Chemicals and MediaChemicals and Media

For ease of use and cost effectiveness, choose guaranteed bacterial culture media from Lamda Biotech. Our media and chemicals include high quality, molecular biology grade bacterial broths and agars, IPTG, X-Gal, Proteinase-K, and DDT. → more

Benchtop Specialty ToolsBenchtop Specialty Tools

At Lamda Biotech, we always bring you the newest in technology, specialty lab equipment and supplies that will improve your research efficiency and productivity. → more

Molecular Biology ServicesMolecular Biology Services

Our Custom Services offer competitive pricing and fast turnaround time! We have a long history of DNA purification experience and offer high quality, ultra pure nucleic acids/plasmids at different scales. → more


Agarose Cat# A113-3 500g

Only $249



MiniCute Easy to use MiniCute. Read more...!

RT™ 2X Master Mix is a complete, ready-to-use Master Mix, in a 2X format, for reverse transcription for making cDNA. It contains everything needed for reverse transcription experiments. Users only need to add RNA sample and H2O when needed. Read more...!