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Unique Biochemicals at valued price such as Proteinase K, Binuclease(same as Benzonase), Agarose.


c101-x-gal-tumb.jpg TIMENTIN is an antibacterial combination consisting of the semisynthetic antibiotic ticarcillin disodium, and the β-lactamase inhibitor clavulanate potassium (the potassium salt of clavulanic acid).
Catalog # Size Price
C200-10 10g $129.00 BUY
C200-100 100g $568.00 BUY

Proteinase K - solution

db0451-proteinase-k-tumb.jpg Proteinase K in a non-frozen solution. Proteinase K is a non-specific protease, which is stable over a wide pH and activated by addition of SDS and urea.
Catalog # Size Price
DB0451-1 5 x 1.5ml @10mg/ml $95.00 BUY
DB0451-10 10ml@20mg/ml $131.00 BUY

Proteinase K - Powder

c101-x-gal-tumb.jpg A non-specific protease in powder, which is stable over a wide pH and activated by addition of SDS and urea.
Catalog # Size Price
DB0452-1 100 mg $79.00 BUY
DB0452-2 500 mg $335.00 BUY
DB0452-3 1 gram $579.00 BUY


Sodium Chloride.jpg Binuclease, a perfect substitute for Benzonase, used for digestion of both double and single stranded DNA and RNA. It is an ideal tool enzyme for reduction of sample viscosity and removal of nucleic acid contamination.
Catalog # Size Price
GPE0004 500 KU $630.00 BUY

Agarose (Standard-Agarose)

A113-agarose-standard-web.jpg A biotechnology grade, standard gelling temperature agarose for everyday use in molecular biology research labs.
Catalog # Size Price
A113-3 500g $310.00 BUY


A117.jpg Is designed for extremely high resolution in separation of PCR and small Nucleic Acid fragments.
Catalog # Size Price
A117-1 100g $230.00 BUY
A117-2 250g $490.00 BUY


a116-agarose-hr-webfinal.jpg This Agarose-High Resolution (HR™) is specially formulated to achieve excellent results when separating DNA fragments of similar sizes.
Catalog # Size Price
A116-1 25g $72.00 BUY
A116-2 100g $220.00 BUY
A116-3 250g $460.00 BUY