Genotyping and Direct PCR

Use Direct PCR for genotyping: no DNA purification ever needed. Using our PCR-based, pre-optimized genotyping kits, saves you time, easily, quickly and consistently delivers good data; full of confidence, for your future experiments.

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TISSUE-DIRECT™ PCR Genotyping Kit 100rxn D300-100 $139.00
TISSUE-DIRECT™ PCR Genotyping Kit 1000rxn D300-1000 $1,250.00
BAC-DIRECT™PCR Kit 100rxn D301-100 $95.00
BAC-DIRECT™PCR Kit 1000rxn D301-1000 $850.00
PLANT-DIRECT™PCR Kit 100rxn D302-100 $139.00
PLANT-DIRECT™PCR Kit 1000rxn D302-1000 $1,250.00
SEED-DIRECT™PCR Kit 100rxn D303-100 $139.00
SEED-DIRECT™PCR Kit 1000rxn D303-1000 $1,250.00
BEYOND-BLOOD™ DIRECT PCR Kit 100rxn D304-100 $139.00
BEYOND-BLOOD™ DIRECT PCR Kit 1000rxn D304-1000 $1,250.00
TaqProbe Direct-qPCR D501P


EvaGreen Direct-qPCR Kit D502R


Conquest™ Genotyping PCR Optimizing Kit 1 kit D911 $528.00