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Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

Every lot is validated on different PCR machines to generate real, specific and trustable data.

EvaGreen real-time PCR (qPCR) Master Mixes

qPCR-Master-mixes-for-all.jpg EvaGreen outperforms SYBR green in many aspects. EvaGreen qPCR Master Mixes are designed for real-time analysis of any DNA samples (qPCR).
Catalog # Size Price
MX-iC 500rnx (5000ul) $175.00 BUY
MX-R 500rnx (5000ul) $175.00 BUY
MX-LR 500rnx (5000ul) $175.00 BUY
MX-S 500rnx (5000ul) $175.00 BUY

TaqProbe qPCR Master Mixes

TaqProbe.jpg TaqProbe qPCR Master Mixes are designed for TaqMan probe-based real-time PCR analysis of all DNA samples.
Catalog # Size Price
MX-P 500rxn (5000ul) $195.00 BUY
MX-PL 500rxn (5000ul) $195.00 BUY
MX-PS 500rxn (5000ul) $195.00 BUY
MX-PC 500rxn (5000ul) $195.00 BUY
MX-PM 500rxn (5000ul) $195.00 BUY

One-Step EvaGreen qRT-PCR Kits

qPCR-Master-mixes-for-all.jpg One-Step EvaGreen qRT-PCR Kits are complete quantitative RT-PCR kits, containing everything needed from reverse transcription to real-time PCR in one single tube.
Catalog # Size Price
G471-R 100 rxn $198.00 BUY
G471-LR 100 rxn $198.00 BUY
G471-S 100 rxn $198.00 BUY
G471-iC 100 rxn $198.00 BUY

RT™ All-in-One Master Mix, 5X

G206.jpg A ready-to-use 5X Master Mix for cDNA synthesis, convenient, easy and economical.
Catalog # Size Price
G208-100 100 rxn @10ul $125.00 BUY

RT Genomic DNA Removal Kit

Three tubes-tumbnail.jpg Quickly and easily to remove residual genomic DNA (gDNA) in RNA samples.
Catalog # Size Price
G488 200rxn $55.00 BUY

Direct RT-qPCR Lysis Kit

Two tubes.jpg Direct RT-qPCR Lysis Kit offers a simple and quick method to prepare template directly for RT and qPCR.
Catalog # Size Price
G915 25 preps $55.00 BUY