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At Lamda Biotech, we always bring you the newest in technology, specialty lab equipment and supplies that will improve your research efficiency and productivity.

UltraBright LED Transilluminator

LB-16-thumbnail.jpg Use blue light to replace the harmful UV light.
Catalog # Size Price
LB-16 Full $980.00 BUY

UltraSlim® LED Illuminator

SLB-01-thumbnail.jpg A slim blue LED illuminator. Smaller version of LB-16. The body color could be white or black, depending on the availability.
Catalog # Size Price
SLB-01 Compact* $595.00 BUY

Motorized Pipette Filler

Motorized Pipette Filler.jpg Motorized Pipette Aid with c/w wall stand, 2 x 0.45μm filters and AC charging adapter. Regular Price $300; Sale Price: $189
Catalog # Size Price
740220029999 1 Unit $189.00 BUY

SCILOGEX D1008 EZee Mini-Centrifuges

SCILOGEX_D1008_thumb.jpg SCILOGEX D1008 EZee Mini-Centrifuge is ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes.
Catalog # Size Price
D1008-Blue 1 Unit $192.00 BUY
D1008-Pink 1 Unit $192.00 BUY
D1008-Grn 1 Unit $192.00 BUY
D1008-Yel 1 Unit $192.00 BUY

BandPeeper® LED Illuminator

BandPeeper-thumb.jpg BandPeeper, for Mupid 2plus series, Real-Time Electrophoresis.
Catalog # Size Price
RT-160 1 Unit $349.00 BUY


eCooler-ThumbV.jpg eCooler® provides a portable cooling box and UltraRapid cooling speed.
Catalog # Size Price
EC-01 1 Unit $999.00 BUY

SCILOGEX VX-F Vortex Mixer

MX-F.jpg SCILOGEX VX-F Vortex Mixer. Fixed Speed 2500rpm, continuous or touch vortexing, compact and stable .
Catalog # Size Price
VX-F 1 Unit $157.00 BUY

SCILOGEX VX-S Vortex Mixer

MX-S.jpg SCILOGEX VX-S Vortex Mixer. Variable Speed 0-2500rpm, continuous or touch vortexing, accessories for tubes, compact and stable.
Catalog # Size Price
VX-S 1 Unit $191.00 BUY