• RT™ Plus Master Mix, 2X

EasyScript™ Plus Reverse Transcriptase, or called EasyScript™ Plus RTase, is a novel recombinant reverse transcriptase with higher efficiency in the first-strand cDNA synthesis from RNA templates with secondary structures and GC-rich RNA templates. EasyScript™ Plus RTasecan synthesize full-length cDNA libraries from RNA templates up to 15 kb in length, with proofreading ability due to the presence of a fidelity-enhancing subunit, making this RTase an excellent choice for whole genome sequencing.

RT™ Plus Master Mix is a proprietary cDNA Synthesis Supermix containing all materials required for first-strand cDNA synthesis in a 2X concentration, RNaseOFF Ribonuclease Inhibitor, dNTPs, and a balanced concentration for Oligo(dT) and Random Primers. The first-strand cDNA can be directly used as a template in PCR and other applications.

  • Up to 15 kb cDNA synthesis
  • Works well on high GC RNA
  • Resolves complex structure RNA
  • Ensures sample to sample consistency
  • Large RNA sample volume capacity
  • Ready-to-use
  • First strand cDNA synthesis for PCR
  • Construction of cDNA libraries
  • Generation of probes for hybridization


RT™ Plus Master Mix, 2X

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