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Definitely recommend!


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“I tried your TISSUE-DIRECT PCR Kit and I love it! A+++ recommendation.”
– MS from lab at Washington University, St. Louis

“I have given your company name to others here at UMass and I will continue to promote your products as they are excellent for our work.”
– TB from lab at University of Massachusetts

“Your products are of good quality, yet lower in price than your competitors and we will be placing our orders with you.”
– ZW from lab at University of Connecticut

“We have been very happy with your Taq DNA Polymerase, Cat. No. D118 and we have been recommending your products to others.”
– MS from lab at University of Calgary

“Even in these difficult times, your company has kept prices low and has always been willing to help us, and provides us with discounts every time we need them. You should be an example to all those big companies.”
– PB from lab at Yale University

“We have ordered from you many times and, as always, your products work well in our applications.”
– ML from lab at Yale University

“I use your purification kit and it works well.”
– TS from lab at Saint Louis University

“It’s very rare to find such a refined company like yours that appreciates its customers.”                    – from a lab at Yale University

“Your products are everything that we have expected.”
– GC from lab at Saint Louis University

“Products are performing to our expectations.”
– SP from lab at University of Iowa