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Product Name Size Catalog# Unit Price Qty    
Agarose 500g A113-3 $310.00
dNTP Premix 10mM 500ul D116 $39.00
dNTP set 4 x 400ul D107 $149.00
Taq DNA Polymerase 1000U D118-1000 $78.00
Taq Plus 2x Master Mix 5000ul D124R $118.00
High Fidelity Long PCR 2X Master Mix 1000ul D135HFL $85.00
HotStart PCR 2x Master Mix in Green 5000ul D136G $139.00
1-Step EvaGreen qRT-PCR Kit 100rxn G471 $115.00
1-Step TaqProbe qRT-PCR Kit 100rxn G493 $115.00
2X qPCR Universal Green MasterMix 5000ul qMX-Green $125.00
2X qPCR Universal Green MasterMix 25ml 25ml qMX-Green-25ml $495.00
2X qPCR Universal TaqProbe MasterMix 5000ul qMX-TaqM $125.00
2X qPCR Universal TaqProbe MasterMix 25ml 25ml qMX-TaqM-25ml $495.00
5X All-in-One Universal RT MasterMix 100rxn X 20ul G209 $159.00
EasyScript Plus™ cDNA Synthesis Kit 100rxn G236 $150.00
EasyScript Plus™ Reverse Transcriptase 20,000 U G237 $120.00
TISSUE-DIRECT™ Animal Genotyping Kit, 1000rxn 1000rxn D300-1000 $395.00
TISSUE-DIRECT™ Animal Genotyping Kit, 100rxn 100rxn D300-100 $49.00
Conquest™ Genotyping PCR Optimizing Kit 4 x 100rxn D911 $159.00
Accu Prestained Protein Ladder I 2x250µl G01 $99.00
Accu Prestained Protein Ladder II 2 x 250ul G02 $99.00
Pico Ultra ECL Western Blotting Detection Kit 200ml G075 $138.00
Transfection reagent: LipoFexin 1ml TS310 $249.00
Transfection reagent: SusFexin 1ml TS316 $249.00
100 bp DNA Ladder 1000ul M107 $99.00
1Kb Plus DNA Ladder 1000ul M10820 $109.00
DNA SafeStain 2 x 1000ul C138 $98.00
PreSafeStain 6X DNA Loading Dye 1000ul 6XLD $69.00
Proteinase K - solution 10mL DB0451-10 $153.00
Column-Pure™ Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit 100 preps D504 $89.00
Column-Pure™ DNA Gel Recovery Kit 100 preps D507 $89.00
Column-Pure™ PCR Clean-Up Kit 100 preps D509 $89.00
Column-Pure™ RNA Cleaning Concentrator 50 preps D703 $149.00
Column-Pure™ Animal Genomic DNA Kit 100 preps D427-100 $99.00
Column-Pure™ Total RNA Mini- Preps Kit 100 preps D2312-100 $149.00