• Column-Pure™ 96-Well Plasmid Mini Prep Kit

Column-Pure™ 96-Well Plasmid Mini Prep Kit is a simple, efficient, and high throughput method for mini plasmid DNA purification. The plasmid DNA is absorbed in the silica membrane-based 96-well plate, while other impurities (i.e., proteins, salts, and nucleotides) are washed away. It comes conveniently packaged with all necessary components, and can be used for preparations of up to 10μg of pure plasmid DNA in each well!


  • For high throughput plasmid purification
  • Reproducible, high yield
  • Spin or vacuum
  • Most economical

  • Purify high quality plasmid DNA
  • Use with any downstream applications, such as DNA sequencing, transformation, restriction digestion, ligation, and cloning.
  • cDNA cloning


Column-Pure™ 96-Well Plasmid Mini Prep Kit

  • Catalog#: D514
  • $395.00

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