• Transfection reagent: LipoFexin 5X 1000ul, (comparable to Lipo 2000)


LipoFexin transfection reagent will form complex with DNA or RNA, and this complex will efficiently enter into cells. It works well on a variety of adherent and suspension cell lines. It can be used for transfection of either DNA or RNA into eukaryotic cells in culture media with or  without serum. LipoFexin is comparable to the Lipofectamine® 2000 transfection reagent at the  molecular level and at the similar transfection efficiency.

 LipoFexin has the following Special Features:

· Superior transfection efficiency for a broad range of cell lines.

· No requirement of removal of serum from culture medium.

· No requirement for washing or changing of medium after transfection.

· Low cytotoxicity.

Store at 4oC.

Transfection reagent: LipoFexin 5X 1000ul, (comparable to Lipo 2000)

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