• Column-Pure™ RNA Cleaning Concentrator

This Column-Pure RNA Cleaning Concentrator Kit is designed for rapid cleaning and/or concentration of RNA samples from in vitro transcription or total RNA isolated from various biological materials with different protocols such as DNase treatment of RNA samples.

Special Features:

  • Recovery of RNAs larger than 20nt.
  • No toxic organic chemicals used.
  • Rapid and convenient, the whole procedure takes only 5 minutes.
  • Rate of recovery higher than 80%.
  • Compatible with most downstream applications.

Kit Contents:

  • Buffer RLT - 50ml
  • Universal RPE Solution - 12ml
  • RNase Free Water - 5ml
  • Spin Column Set - 50 

*Before use, add 48 ml of ethanol to the bottle containing 12 ml Universal RPE Solution.

Storage: Transported at room temperature. Upon receipt, store all components at 4°C. The kit is stable for up to 12 months at 4°C.

Column-Pure™ RNA Cleaning Concentrator

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  • $149.00

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