• 100bp-50 DNA Ladder


Ready to use

750 ng DNA / 6 μl / loading

Accurate sizing of DNA fragments

Stable at room temperature

Supplied with 6x sample loading buffer

Description: 100bp-50 DNA Ladder has 11 unique DNA bands ranging from 50-1500 base pairs (bp). It is specially designed for visualizing DNA bands in the ‘50’-bp position with sizes such as 150 bp, 250 bp or 350 bp. It is helpful when used side by side with the 100 bp DNA Ladder (Cat. No. M107) for more accurate size estimates of DNA fragments. The 550 bp band is intensified to serve as an internal reference when identifying the DNA samples in a gel.

Size: 1200 µl

Concentration: 750 ng / 6 μl

Storage: Store at -20° C.

Loading Buffer Composition: 10 mM Tris-HCl 1 mM EDTA (pH 8.0) 0.02% Bromophenol blue 0.02% Xylene cyanol 5% Glycerol Usage: Add at least 6 µl 100bp-50 DNA Ladder directly to wells designated for markers. You may need more than 6 µl of ladder, depending on well size and level of dye used to visualize the bands.


100bp-50 DNA Ladder

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