• 1-3: 1Kb DNA Ladder

The extended 1Kb DNA Ladder contains 11 DNA fragments. Each recommended loading will yield a minimum of 30ng DNA for any single band.


Ready to use

500ng DNA/6μl/loading

Most complete 1Kb ladder

Stable at room temperature

Supplied with 6x sample loading buffer

Description: 1Kb DNA Ladder II is a proprietary mixture of several plasmids digested to completion with specific restriction enzymes to produce a ladder with 11 fragments ranging from 0.5-10.0Kb, producing the most complete and convenient ladder in the 1Kb DNA ladder family. The intensity of the some bands has been increased to yield internal reference indicators. 6µl will yield at least of 30ng DNA in any single DNA band.

Size: 1000µl

Concentration: 500ng/6μl

Storage: Store at -20o C.

Loading Buffer Composition: 10mM Tris-HCl 1mM EDTA (pH 8.0) 0.02% Bromophenol blue 0.02% Xylene cyanol 5% Glycerol Usage: Add at least 6µl 1Kb DNA Ladder II directly to wells designated for markers. You may need more than 6µl of ladder, depending on well size and level of dye used to visualize the bands.


1-3: 1Kb DNA Ladder

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