• Agarose for DNA-RNA gel 500g

Description: This is a biotechnology grade, standard gelling temperature agarose. This agarose is most commonly found in research laboratories and it is useful for many protocols in molecular biology, especially for separation of bands larger than 500bp. Other applications include: analytical and preparatory electrophoresis of DNA/RNA, Northern and Southern blotting, PCR analysis and immuno assays. Each batch of agarose is functionally tested in molecular biology applications. Unlike other agaroses, this agarose will not boil out of the container.

Typical Specifications

  • Grade: Biotechnology
  • Physical Description: Fine White Powder
  • Gelling Temp. (1.5% gel): 36.2oC
  • Melting Temp. (1.5% gel): 87.6oC
  • Gel Strength (1.5% gel): 2745g/cm2
  • pH in Gel (1%): 6.72
  • Test for DNA Resolution: Pass
  • Gel Background Assay: Pass
  • DNA Binding: None Detected
  • DNase/RNase: None Detected

Recommended Applications

  • Analytical and preparative electrophoresis of DNA/RNA
  • Northern, Southern blotting
  • PCR product analysis
  • Other applications, such as immunoassay

Size: 500 grams

CAS#: 9012-36-6

Grade: Ultra Pure

Storage: Room temperature or below, under dry conditions.


Agarose for DNA-RNA gel 500g

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