• GoGreen 1kb DNA Ladder

The GoGreenTM DNA Ladders are room temperature stable DNA ladders. They are all Ready-to-Use.  The 1kb DNA ladder consists of 13 DNA fragments ranging in size from 100bp to 10k. The 100bp DA ladder consists of 11 DNA fragments ranging in size from 100bp to 1500bp. Generally, 5µl will yield at least a minimum of 40ng DNA band for any bands. Many DNA bands are at higher intensity for band clarity, and some DNA bands have extra intensity to serve as references for easy identification.  The DNA ladder is in green color, which will reveal a blue dye migrating approximately at the position of a 4kb DNA fragment and a yellow dye at about 10bp. All GoGreenTM DNA Ladders will come with an extra free tube, containing 6X GoGreenTM DNA Loading Buffer for experiment samples.

GoGreen 1kb DNA Ladder

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