• GoGreen DNA Loading Buffer 6X

The addition of DNA Loading Buffer to a DNA sample adds color and increases the density to simplify the loading process.

This GoGreenTM DNA Loading Buffer contains two dyes, the xylene cyanol FF, at a low concentration to avoid masking DNA fragments in the samples; and a yellow dye to monitor small DNA fragments run out of gel.

In an electric field, both dyes will move toward the anode at predictable rates. After electrophoresis, the loading buffer yields two clearly separated bands of color, blue and yellow. In agarose gels with concentration from 0.5% to 2.0%, the blue dye will co-migrate with linear double-stranded DNA with approximately 4kb in length; and the yellow dye will migrate at the position of a 10bp DNA fragment, so as long as the yellow dye is still within the gel, any DNA fragments large than 10bp should be safely retained within the gel.


GoGreen DNA Loading Buffer 6X

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