• UltraSlim® LED Illuminator

The UltraSlim® LED Illuminator is designed for viewing stained gels on the laboratory bench, or within gel documentation systems. Safer lighting from the LED source inside the instrument produces blue light with a narrow emission peak centered at approximately 470 nm, which is more effective for the excitation of most nucleic acid and protein stains. Viewing surface is 120mm by 70mm.

It is a slim version of the LB-16. The body color could be white or black, depending on the availability. 

Lamda Biotech is the authorized USA distributor for MaestroGen products.

The link below shows how to use the UltraSlim LED Illuminator

  • The THINNEST blue LED illuminator in the world.
  • Compact and Light: 30 mm in height, THINNEST in the world now to enlarge your laboratory space and it is convenient to move around.
  • Used for mini-gel.
  • Safer to use - replace UV.
  • Easy for gel cutting: NO need to wear amber glasses.
  • Strong blue LED for excitation.
  • NO UV hazard to skin and eyes.
  • NO DNA damage inherent to UV - No worries when cutting out bands for elution.
  • Uniform: <10% coefficient of variance (CV) in the central viewing area.
  • Wide applications other than DNA/RNA gel visualization; such as, fluorescent proteins.
  • Sensitive for a wide range of fluorphores: DNA SafeStain, GelGreen, GelRed, EthBr, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green I® & II, SYPRO® Rudy, SYPRO® Orange, Coomassie Fluor™ Orange stains, and Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain.


UltraSlim® LED Illuminator

  • Catalog#: SLB-01
  • $650.00

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