• Direct-RT-qPCR Lysis Reagent for 1000 Preps

Direct RT-qPCR Lysis Kit offers a simple and quick method to prepare template directly from 10-10cultured cells. The kit includes reagents for cell lysis and gDNA removal at the same time. Without further RNA extraction and purification, the prepared template in the lysate can be used directly for reverse transcription and qPCR (two step RT-PCR); or directly for qRT-PCR (one step RT-PCR). 

  • Simple and fast prep RNA templates in 12 minutes.
  • Simultaneously cell lysis and gDNA removal.
  • Good quality RNA prep for Rt and qPCR.
    • Preps RNA from 10-10cultured cells.
    • For cDNA prep for RT.
    • For one-step real-time PCR.

    Direct-RT-qPCR Lysis Reagent for 1000 Preps

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