Direct PCR and Genotyping

Use Direct PCR for genotyping - no DNA purification needed. Using our PCR-based, pre-optimized genotyping kits saves you time and consistently delivers good data. Be confident in your future experiments.

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Conquest™ PCR Master Mix Optimizing Pack 4 x 1000ul D911-Mix1234 $139.00
Conquest™ PCR Genotyping Optimizing Kit 4 x 100rxn D911 $298.00
Conquest™ PCR Genotyping Solution Set 500 assays D911-Soln $99.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix-1 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix1 $149.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix-2 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix2 $149.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix-3 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix3 $149.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix-4 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix4 $149.00
Direct-PCR 2X MasterMix, 10ml 10mL D300-1000MIX $351.00
Direct-PCR 2X MasterMix, 1ml 1000ul D300-100MIX $39.00
Direct-PCR Genotyping DNA Prep Solution 100ml D300-1000-SOLN $197.00
DIRECT-PCR KIT: For Mouse Genotyping, 1000rxn 1000rxn D300-1000 $495.00
DIRECT-PCR KIT: For Mouse Genotyping, 100rxn 100rxn D300-100 $79.00
DIRECT-PCR KIT: For Plants, 100 rxn 100rxn D302-100 $79.00
DIRECT-PCR KIT: For Plants, 1000 rxn 1000rxn D302-1000 $495.00
DIRECT-PCR KIT: For Seeds, 100 rxn 100rxn D303-100 $79.00
DIRECT-PCR KIT: For Seeds, 1000 rxn 1000rxn D303-1000 $495.00
Direct-qPCR Kit by SYBR Green Assay 100rxn D502R $199.00
Direct-qPCR Kit by TaqMan Assay 100rxn D501P $199.00
Direct-RT-qPCR Lysis Reagent for 1000 Preps 1000 Preps G915-1000 $988.00
Direct-RT-qPCR Lysis Reagent for 50 Preps 50 Preps G915 $95.00