• Direct-PCR 2X MasterMix, 1ml

The 2X Direct-PCR Mix is a Ready-to-Use 2X PCR master mix specifically for Direct PCR and Genotyping using un-purified DNA samples. It contains Taq Plus DNA polymerase, dNTP, Mg2+ and PCR reaction buffer. It is optimized with enhancer and stabilizer for efficient amplification of un-purified DNA templates by PCR.  Users only need to add template and primers, which greatly saves time and reduces contamination due to less pipetting steps needed for PCR set-up. The master mix contains non-toxic inert red dye, to visualize the PCR mixing steps during PCR set-up and to allow direct loading onto gels to visualize PCR results by electrophoresis. The red dye migrates approximately at a position of a 1500bp DNA fragment  on a 1.0% agarose gel, and at a position of 300bp on a 2.0% agarose gel.

Special Features:

1. Easy-to-use 2X PCR Master Mix.

2. Tolerance of raw impurities for sample.

3. Robust to show good PCR bands.

4. Direct loading to run PCR results. 

Direct-PCR 2X MasterMix, 1ml

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