• Conquest™ PCR Master Mix-2

These are the individual Conquest™ PCR Master Mixes from the Conquest™ PCR Master Mix Pack. The Conquest™ PCR Master Mix Pack are specifically developed for genotyping, genomic cloning, and other various PCR applications, which cover regular PCR and difficult PCR including arbitrary primers, high GC templates, inhibitory raw samples, and other difficult PCR scenarios. When starting a new PCR experiment, all four 2X Master Mixes within the pack should be used to easily and swiftly determine which PCR mix gives the best PCR results for the new template. Afterwards, the master mix giving the most satisfactory PCR result can be used for the same template. Whenever there is difficult PCR situation, the Conquest™ PCR Master Mix Pack should be used to quickly determine the best PCR condition

The PCR product can be directly loaded to the wells of a gel for electrophoresis for viewing the PCR results, as there is no need to add DNA loading buffer.


Conquest™ PCR Master Mix-2

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5 x 1000ul


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