• Conquest™ PCR Genotyping Solution Set

The Conquest™ Genotyping Solution Set contains two solutions enough for 500 preparations of total genomic DNA extraction for Conquest™ PCR Genotyping  experiments. Total DNA samples can be extracted quickly from many kinds of biological materials including mouse tail and any other type of animal and plant tissues, cell cultures, bacteria cultures, blood and other body fluids, and environmental microorganisms. The extracted DNA can be used directly for PCR with the Conquest™ 2X PCR Master Mixes.

Four Conquest™ 2X PCR Master Mixes are available for genotyping, genomic cloning, and other various PCR applications, which cover regular PCR and difficult PCR including arbitrary primers, high GC templates, inhibitory raw samples, and other difficult PCR scenarios. The PCR product can be directly loaded to the wells of a gel for electrophoresis for viewing the PCR results, as there is no need to add DNA loading buffer.

  • 15 minute one-step genomic DNA prep
  • Extracted DNA stable for at least 6 months
  • Pre-optimized 2X PCR master mixes
  • Broad coverage for difficult templates
  • Direct gel loading for PCR results
  • Big savings
  • Genotyping
  • Genomic cloning
  • High GC PCR
  • Large fragment PCR
  • Low template PCR
  • Other tough PCR

Conquest™ PCR Genotyping Solution Set

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