SEED-DIRECTTM PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed for quick extraction and direct amplification of genomic DNA from different kinds of seeds; such as Arabidopsis, carrot, corn, cucumber, pepper, soybean, turnip, wheat and more. The PCR product can be directly loaded onto agarose gel without addition of loading dye for visualization of the experimental results.

  • Quick: 15 min needed for prep samples
  • Easy: using pre-optimed PCR mix
  • Little or no background
  • Only tiny sample needed 
  • Genotyping using plant seeds
  • Confirming transgenic plants
  • High through put genotyping
  • Discovery of plant genes.


DIRECT-PCR KIT: For Seeds, 1000 rxn

  • Catalog#: D303-1000
  • $495.00

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