• BCA Low Protein  Assay Kit

This modified BCA Low Protein Assay system greatly increases the sensitivity of protein quantitation. The principle, however, stays the same as the standard bicinchoninic acid assay. Briefly, Cu2+-protein complex formed under alkaline conditions reduces the Cu2+ to Cu1+. BCA binds the Cu+1, resulting in a purple colored complex, which is measured at 562 nm to determine the protein concentration.

Protein + Cu2+ => Cu1+ + BCA => Cu1+- BCA complex

Any protein containing cysteine, cysteine, tryptophan, tyrosine, and the peptide bond can reduce Cu2+ to Cu1+.


  • Simple and highly sensitive for assay proteins at low concentration.
  • Concentration range for protein assay from 1.0-100µg/ml.
  • Compatible with many ionic and non-ionic detergents.
  • Independent of specific amino acid content of proteins.
  • Good for assays using cuvettes or a micro-plate format.


  • BCA Low Protein Reagent A: 125ml
  • BCA Low Protein Reagent B: 125ml
  • BCA Low Protein Reagent C: 7.5ml
  • Protein Standard Solution: 5ml


BCA Low Protein Assay Kit

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