• dNTP set

High-quality dNTPs are critical for many important technologies. Our ultra-pure dNTPs are certified free of nucleases and phosphatases. Functional purity is tested in Sanger dideoxy sequencing reactions, and by the filling in of 5′ overhangs and primer extensions using Klenow and several thermostable DNA polymerases. The chemical purity of this preparation is determined by HPLC; the minimum passing specification is 99% triphosphate. Nucleotide concentrations are determined by measurements of absorbance. 40µmol of each nucleotide is supplied at 100mM in sterile, doubly distilled water. Dilutions of these nucleotides can be made using sterile, doubly distilled water.

  • Ultra-pure quality; at least >99%
  • Each lot functionally tested
  • Best value for ultra-pure quality dNTPs
  • PCR, RT-PCR, large PCR, and real-time PCR
  • Reverse transcription and mutagenesis


dNTP set

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