• High Fidelity PCR Master Mix HFL, 2X

The High Fidelity PCR Master Mix HFL is a unique 2X PCR Master Mix for High Fidelity Long (HFL) PCR experiments. It represents one of the highest fidelity DNA polymerase for PCR, with the fidelity over 1000 times higher than the regular Taq DNA Polymerase. This 2x Master Mix also works well for complicated DNA templates.

The High Fidelity PCR Master Mix HFL  is in a 2X format and contains modified, high fidelity thermal stable DNA polymerases, in a pre-optimized PCR buffer. The amplified DNA will be blunt-ended. When using this 2x master mix for most PCR experiments, only template, primers and H2O will be needed. The PCR reaction mixture can be loaded to agarose gel directly to view PCR results. The master mix is in green color, which will yield one blue and one yellow dye indicators to monitor the DNA migration in the agarose gel. 

  • High fidelity with robustness.
  • Large fragment PCR.
  • Works well with complicated templates.
  • 2X master mix - makes PCR easy and consistent.
  • For cloning, promoter study, RACE, DNA sequencing and more.


High Fidelity PCR Master Mix HFL, 2X

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