• Proteinase K - Powder 1000mg

Proteinase is commonly used in molecular biology to remove proteins from preparations of nucleic acids. The recombinant Proteinase K is a mutant to the native protease, which gains higher specific activity and activity as well as wider working pH and temperature ranges. The large scale recombinant preparation has advantage in lot-to-lot consistency, superior purity and productivity. The DNA/RNA-free feature of this enzyme made it well-suited for isolating PCR and RT-PCR templates and other molecular biology applications. Proteinase K is typically used at a concentration of 50-200μg/ml. It is active with or without the presence of SDS, urea, EDTA or various metal ions, but the activity of Proteinase K can be increased by adding the denaturing agents and the structure of proteinase K can be stabilized by addition of Ca 2+

This product comes in a convenient powder form.

Proteinase K - Powder 1000mg

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