• Total RNA Mini- Preps Kit, Column-Pure™

The Column-Pure™ Total RNA Isolation Kit is designed for fast and efficient extraction of high quality total RNA from animal tissues and cells using a rapid-spin-column format. RNA in lysates is selectively absorbed to spin column, and impurities are washed away. Purified total RNA can be used for various applications; such as, Northern Blot, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR and qRT-PCR. The Column-Pure™ Total  RNA Isolation Kit is suitable for extraction of total RNA from tissues of various animal sources.

  • Fast and easy processing using a rapid-spin-column format. The entire procedure takes approximately 15 minutes
  • High purity of RNA: OD260/OD280 of purified RNA is generally = or >1.9
  • High Quality RNA. Lysis Buffer-AG maintains the integrity of the RNA
Compatible with downstream applications; such as:
  • Northern Blot
  • cDNA Synthesis
  • RT-PCR
  • qRT-PCR


Total RNA Mini- Preps Kit, Column-Pure™

  • Catalog#: D2312-100
  • $249.00

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