• GoGreen Taq Plus Master Mix

The GoGreentm Taq+ Master Mix is a Ready-to-Use 2X PCR master mix. It contains Taq Plus DNA polymerase, dNTP, Mg2+ and PCR reaction buffer. It is optimized with enhancer and stabilizer for efficient amplification of DNA templates by PCR.  Users only need to add template and primers, which greatly saves time and reduces contamination due to less pipetting steps needed for PCR set-up. The master mix contains two non-toxic inert dyes, blue and yellow, to visualize the PCR mixing steps during PCR set-up and to allow direct loading onto gels to visualize PCR results by electrophoresis. The blue dye migrates approximately at the position of a 4kb DNA fragment and the yellow dye at about 10bp.


GoGreen Taq Plus Master Mix

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