• HotStart PCR 2x Master Mix in Red

High performance, ready-to-use 2X PCRmaster mix with HotStart Taq DNA polymerase, in red color. Users only need to add template, primers and H2O for the reaction. The HotStart PCR 2x Master Mix contains a inert, non-toxic red dye to visualize PCR mixing step, and also allows direct loading of PCR products on to gels  for electrophoresis.

The HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase is a chemically modified Taq DNAPolymerase, whose enzyme activities can only be activated after 3-5 minutes of incubation at 95°C. The HotStart Taq Polymerase uses amplification conditions for regular Taq DNA Polymerase, except no polymerase activity will be present before the onset of thermal cycling. This prevents nonspecific DNA amplification and primer dimer formation. The amplified products, up to 7Kb in length, contain PCR products with blunt and 3’-overhanging A end.  This allows flexible protocols for PCR cloning, if the amplified fragments need to be cloned.


  • All-in-one 2X master mix format
  • Hot start
  • Pre-optimized
  • Direct gel loading
  • In green color
  • up to 7kb in length


  • High Sensitivity PCR
  • High Throughput PCR
  • Routine PCR
  • Colony PC
  • Hot Start PCR


HotStart PCR 2x Master Mix in Red

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