• Taq Plus DNA Polymerase

Taq Plus DNA Polymerase is a modified version of Taq DNA Polymerase for better performance. This Taq-based thermostable DNA polymerase mix improves the fidelity and increases the amplification length of the resulting DNA fragments, while retaining the power of Taq DNA Polymerase. Most of the PCR fragments have a 3′ A overhanging, with a small percentage of blunt-ended DNA fragments. A T-vector is necessary to clone the amplified products, although a blunt-end cloning strategy will also work.

  • Robust performance
  • Improved PCR for large/difficult templates
  • Higher fidelity
  • Higher processivity
  • General PCR
  • Genomic analysis
  • cDNA cloning


Taq Plus DNA Polymerase

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