• RT™ All-in-One 5X Master Mix  has been upgraded to G209

This product has been upgraded. The new catalog number is G209. The upgraded version offers better price and better performance, such as on RNA with complicated structure. Here is the link for G209: 


The 5X RT™ All-in-One Master Mix is a ready-to-use master mix for first-strand cDNA synthesis in a 5X concentration. It contains the EasyScriptTM RTase, ribonuclease inhibitor, cDNA synthesis enhancers, dNTPs, and a balanced concentration for oligo(dT) and random primers. The oligo(dT) anneals selectively to the poly(A) tail of mRNAs and the random primers will anneal anywhere of a RNA molecule. The resultant cDNA can be directly used as template in different experiments, such as PCR.   


  • Up to 9kb cDNA synthesis
  • Ensures sample to sample consistency
  • Large RNA sample volume capacity
  • Low concentration RNA samples


  • cDNA synthesis for PCR
  • Construction of cDNA libraries
  • cDNA cloning


RT™ All-in-One 5X Master Mix has been upgraded to G209

  • Catalog#: G208-100
  • $159.00

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