• Turbo DNAfectin™ 3000

Turbo DNAfectinTM 3000 is a nanoparticle-based, non-lipid transfection reagent. It will efficiently deliver DNA into cells. Turbo DNAfectin™ 3000 has lower cytotoxicity than many other popular transfection reagents on the market. Furthermore, compared to other transfection reagents, Turbo DNAfectinTM 3000 significantly enhances gene expression and/or protein expression by over coming intracellular barriers.

  • High transfection rate
  • Low cytotoxicity
  • Easy protocol
  • Huge saving
Easy 3 step protocol:
  • Dilute DNA,
  • Add Turbo DNAfectin and mix,
  • Transfer to cultured cells.


Turbo DNAfectin™ 3000

  • Catalog#: G3000
  • $249.00

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