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Spend $1000.00 or more on any combination of Lamda reagents and get up to *$1000.00 of free reagents with your next purchase within 6 months of initial order. Choose from all our products ranging from basic media supply to our highly specific qPCR master mixes.

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We, at Lamda Biotech, have a long history of DNA purification experience and offer high      quality, ultra pure nucleic acids/plasmids at different scales. Our Custom Services provide an economical savings for labor intensive projects. We will deliver to you, in a timely manner, high quality, purified plasmid DNA.

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Lamda is looking for professional scientists that use our products everyday to write a short blog post about technical questions or products they like to use from Lamda. Click the email link above and submit a MS word document of your blog – pictures are appreciated. Subject matter needs to pertain to some scientific matter, i.e. research experience, fellowships, How to’s, etc. If your blog is chosen, it will be submitted to our website and you WIN a Starbucks gift card!