1. PCR

Lamda Biotech has a long history of innovation in PCR technology which has resulted in an impressive array of proprietary secured, high quality, Thermal DNA Polymerases and related reagents designed for specific research applications. Browse our PCR product listing here.

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Product Name Size Catalog# Unit Price Qty    
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix - 1 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix1 $149.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix - 2 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix2 $149.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix - 3 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix3 $149.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix - 4 5 x 1000ul D911-Mix4 $149.00
Conquest™ PCR Master Mix Optimizing Pack 4 x 1000ul D911-Mix1234 $139.00
dNTP Premix 500ul D116 $39.00
dNTP Premix 5 x 500ul D116L $179.00
dNTPs 4 x 400ul D107 $149.00
dNTPs 4 x 1000ul D107L $379.00
GoGreen Taq Plus Master Mix 1000ul GD124 $39.00
HF-Taq DNA Polymerase 200U D127-200 $119.00
HFL PCR 2X Master Mix 1000ul D135HFL $85.00
HotStart PCR 2x Master Mix in Green 5000ul D136G $139.00
HotStart PCR 2x Master Mix in Red 5000ul D136 $139.00
HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase 500U D129-500 $129.00
SafeStain 2x PCR Master Mix 2000μl D139Mix $139.00
SafeStain Super-PCR Kit 3000ul D139 $249.00
Taq DNA Polymerase 5 x 1000U D118-5000 $279.00
Taq DNA Polymerase 1000U D118-1000 $78.00
Taq Plus 2x Master Mix 5000ul D124R $118.00
Taq Plus 2x Master Mix 5000ul D124A $118.00
Taq Plus 2x Master Mix 5000ul D124P $118.00
Taq Plus DNA Polymerase 200U D119-200 $49.00
Tsg DNA Polymerase 200U D101-200 $39.00
Tsg DNA Polymerase 500U D101-500 $95.00
Tsg Plus DNA Polymerase 500U D102-500 $107.00