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List of FAQs

Why should I use your company for my research reagents?

Beside the fact that we have unique products, we also offer many products with equal or better quality for an affordable price. By cutting the expensive commercial advertisement and overhead cost, we directly pass the savings to the ending users.


How does your company compare to those large companies in this field?

We offer focused customer service to make sure your orders are timely delivered. Usually you will receive your order within the next day. We offer high level technical support to make sure the products you ordered from us will do the best job for your research projects.


What is Turbo DNAfectin?

It is very similar to the Lipofectamine 2000 and FuGENE transfection products in application.


What is the main advantage of the DNA SafeStain?

Besides the low cost and safe to use feature, DNA SafeStain does not change the mobility of DNA fragment. You will not see the molecular weight shift of DNA fragments as often as they do by similar products.


What are the Direct PCR/Genotyping products?

These products allow you to do PCR and/or genotyping by purifying the DNA samples. Not only do you eliminate the hazardous chemicals for DNA isolation/purification, but you also save tremendous time and labor, especially for large number experiments and high-throughput analysis.


What are Direct RT-PCR Kits?

Direct PCR and Genotyping Kits represent a new generation of technology for genotyping. These kits have been modified to save you even more time with fewer steps to minimize mistakes. It is easy to use while achieving consistent and valuable results.


What are the advantages using your EverGreen and TaqProbe qPCR Master Mixes?

EvaGreen dye is a next-generation DNA-binding dye with features ideal for use in quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) and many other applications. In many cases, it is a better dye to SYBR Green and other commercial PCR or high-resolution melt curve dyes. It is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, and not hazardous to aquatic life. Our EverGreen and TaqProbe qPCR Master Mix focus on specific true signals for your qPCR assay, thus less non-specific or primer dimmers form.


What do you offer for RNA Isolation and purification?

We have unique products at much lower cost for RNA Isolation and purification. We also offer small sample RNA Isolation kits.


What are your EasyScriptTM and EasyScriptTM  Plus Reverse Transcriptases?

They are very similar to SuperScript II and SuperScript III but much more affordable.


What are the advantages to use 2X RT Master Mixes?

It reduces the contamination with less pipetting steps, that way you can load directly into the gel. You can achieve valuable results by this easy-to-use format.

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