DNA/RNA Purification

DNA and RNA purification kits featuring superior quality, high yield, and ease of use at the best prices.

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Product Name Size Catalog# Unit Price Qty    
Classic™ Genomic DNA Isolation Kit 600 preps D109-600 $299.00
Column-Pure™ Animal Genomic DNA Kit 100 preps D427-100 $99.00
Column-Pure™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit 100 preps D423-100 $155.00
Column-Pure™ Blood Genomic DNA Kit 100 preps D483-100 $185.00
Column-Pure™ DNA Gel Recovery Kit 100 preps D507 $89.00
Column-Pure™ PCR Clean-Up Kit 100 preps D509 $89.00
Column-Pure™ Plant Genomic DNA Kit 100 preps D8262 $321.00
Column-Pure™ Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit 100 preps D504 $89.00
Column-Pure™ RNA Cleaning Concentrator 50 preps D703 $149.00
Column-Pure™ Total RNA Mini- Preps Kit 100 preps D2312-100 $149.00
DNA Spin Columns 100/set DNA-SC $69.00
RNA Spin Columns 100/set RNA-SC $69.00