5. Protein Research

Easy-to-use and Economical. Specialty Products for Protein research and Transfection.

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AccuRuler Broad Prestained Protein Ladder 2 x 250ul G02103 $128.00
AccuRuler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder 2 x 250ul G02102 $108.00
AccuRuler Prestained Protein Ladder 2 x 250ul G02101 $98.00
Anti-Tag Antibodies (GST) 100ug G018 (GST) $95.00
Anti-Tag Antibodies (HA) 100ug G036 (HA) $95.00
Anti-Tag Antibodies (HIS) 100ug G020 (HIS) $95.00
Anti-Tag Antibodies (MYC) 100ug G019 (MYC) $95.00
BCA Low Protein Assay (Kit) 1 kit G1003 $135.00
BCA Protein Assay (Kit) 1 kit G1002 $120.00
Bradford Protein Assay (Kit) 1 kit G1001 $98.00
ECL Western Blotting Detection Kit 200ml G075 $90.00
Fluorescent Protein Gel Stain for 1 liter G003 $172.00
Gravity-Flow Column 2/pkg G20C $3.60
Pro-Lyse™ Bacterial Lysis Buffer 100ml G970-Bac $95.00
Pro-Lyse™ Mammalian Cell Lysis Buffer 100ml G970-Mam $95.00
Pro-Lyse™ Mammalian Cell Lysis Buffer-DF 100ml G980-Mam-DF $95.00
Pro-Lyse™ Yeast Lysis Buffer 100ml G970-Yst $95.00
RNAifectin™ 1ml G073 $165.00
Shredder Spin Column 100/set PROT-SC-N $90.00
Super Ni-NTA Agarose 5ml G201 $55.00
Super Ni-NTA Agarose 25ml G202 $195.00
Super Ni-NTA Agarose 100ml G203 $625.00
Turbo DNAfectin™ 3000 1ml G3000 $288.00
Turbo DNAfectin™ 3000 3ml G3000-3ml $778.00
Turbo DNAfectin™ 3000 (15ml) 15ml G3000-15ml $3,626.00
Western Protein Marker 250ul WM1000 $165.00
Western Signal Enhancer 2 x 50ml NU00101 $98.00
Western Signal Enhancer 2 x 250ml NU00102 $280.00