DNA Ladders & SafeStain

Our new array of DNA Ladders and Markers makes it easier to find DNA size, and more convenient to calculate the DNA concentration.

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Product Name Size Catalog# Unit Price Qty    
1-1: 100 bp DNA Ladder 1000ul M107 $115.00
1-2: 100 bp DNA Ladder 5 tubes 5 x 1000ul M107-5 $460.00
1-3: 1Kb DNA Ladder 1000ul M108 $115.00
1-4: 1Kb DNA Ladder, 5 tubes 5 x 1000ul M108-5 $230.00 $460.00
100 bp Plus DNA Ladder 1000ul M111 $115.00
100bp Quantitative DNA Ladder 1000ul M102 $115.00
100bp-50 DNA Ladder 1200ul M109-1 $95.00
1Kb DNA Ladder III 1000ul M110 $115.00
1Kb Plus DNA Ladder 1000ul M10820 $125.00
1Kb Quantitative Logic DNA Ladder 1000ul M103 $150.00
Agarose for DNA-RNA gel 1000g 1Kg/1000grams A113-1KG $479.00
Agarose for DNA-RNA gel 500g 500g A113-3 $265.00
DNA Loading Buffer (6x) 5ml C113-2 $59.00
DNA SafeStain 2 x 1000ul C138 $98.00
DNA SafeStain Plus 500ul C139 $180.00
Fastlane 100bp DNA Ladder 1000ul M3000 $115.00
Fastlane 1Kb DNA Ladder 1000ul M8000 $115.00
Fastlane High MW DNA Ladder 3000ul M112 $195.00
GoGreen 100bp DNA Ladder 500ul MG107 $55.00
GoGreen 1kb DNA Ladder 500ul M1000 $55.00
GoGreen DNA Loading Buffer 6X 1000ul C116 $18.00
PreSafeStain 6X DNA Loading Dye 1000ul 6XLD $98.00
PreSafeStained 100bp DNA Ladder 1000ul M3002 $150.00
PreSafeStained 1Kb DNA Ladder 1000ul M1008 $150.00
UltraBright LED Transilluminator 1 Unit LB-16 $900.00
UltraSlim® LED Illuminator 1 Unit SLB-01 $650.00