DNA Ladders & SafeStain

Our new array of DNA Ladders and Markers make it easier to recall DNA size, and more convenient to calculate the DNA concentration.

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Product Name Size Catalog# Unit Price Qty    
DNA Loading Buffer (6x) 1ml C113-1 $12.00
DNA Loading Buffer (6x) 5ml C113-2 $38.00
GoGreen DNA Loading Buffer 6X 1000ul C116 $15.00
DNA SafeStain 2 x 1000ul C138 $89.00
DNA SafeStain Plus 500ul C139 $89.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye 1ml C141 $69.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye Plus 100bp DNA Ladder 1000ul C141-100bp $120.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye Plus 1Kb DNA Ladder 1000ul C141-1Kb $120.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye 5ml C141-5ml $199.00
GoGreen Taq Plus Master Mix 1000ul GD124 $39.00
GoGreen 1kb DNA Ladder 500ul M1000 $43.00
100 bp Quantitative DNA Ladder 1200ul M102-1 $95.00
100bp Quantitative DNA Ladder 3000ul M102-2 $195.00
Logic DNA Ladder 1200ul M103-1 $95.00
Logic DNA Ladder 3000ul M103-2 $220.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Marker 1200ul M104-1 $44.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Marker 3000ul M104-2 $66.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Plus Marker 1200ul M105-1 $46.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Plus Marker 3000ul M105-2 $78.00
100 bp DNA Ladder 1200ul M107-1 $95.00
100 bp DNA Ladder 3000ul M107-2 $195.00
1Kb DNA Ladder 1200ul M108-1 $95.00
1Kb DNA Ladder 3000ul M108-2 $195.00
100bp-50 DNA Ladder 1200ul M109-1 $95.00
100bp-50 DNA Ladder 3000ul M109-2 $195.00
100 bp Plus DNA Ladder 1200ul M111-1 $95.00
100 bp Plus DNA Ladder 3000ul M111-2 $195.00
HMW DNA Ladder (Fastlane) 3000ul M112 $165.00
M3000 DNA Marker (Fastlane) 1000ul M3000 $98.00
M8000 DNA Marker (Fastlane) 1000ul M8000 $98.00
GoGreen 100bp DNA Ladder 500ul MG107 $43.00