7. DNA Ladders & SafeStain

Our new array of DNA Ladders and Markers make it easier to recall DNA size, and more convenient to calculate the DNA concentration. View our DNA Ladder Products here.

Browse 7. DNA Ladders & SafeStain Products

Product Name Size Catalog# Unit Price Qty    
100 bp DNA Ladder 1200ul M107-1 $95.00
100 bp DNA Ladder 3000ul M107-2 $195.00
100 bp Plus DNA Ladder 1200ul M111-1 $95.00
100 bp Plus DNA Ladder 3000ul M111-2 $195.00
100 bp Quantitative DNA Ladder 1200ul M102-1 $95.00
100bp Quantitative DNA Ladder 3000ul M102-2 $195.00
100bp-50 DNA Ladder 1200ul M109-1 $95.00
100bp-50 DNA Ladder 3000ul M109-2 $195.00
1Kb DNA Ladder 1200ul M108-1 $95.00
1Kb DNA Ladder 3000ul M108-2 $195.00
1Kb DNA Ladder III 1200ul M110-1 $88.00
1Kb DNA Ladder III 3000ul M110-2 $179.00
DNA Loading Buffer (6x) 1ml C113-1 $12.00
DNA Loading Buffer (6x) 5ml C113-2 $38.00
DNA SafeStain 2 x 1000ul C138 $89.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye 1ml C141 $69.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye 5ml C141-5ml $199.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye Plus 100bp DNA Ladder 1000ul C141-100bp $120.00
DNA SafeStain Loading Dye Plus 1Kb DNA Ladder 1000ul C141-1Kb $120.00
DNA SafeStain Plus 500ul C139 $89.00
GoGreen 100bp DNA Ladder 500ul MG107 $43.00
GoGreen 1kb DNA Ladder 500ul M1000 $43.00
GoGreen DNA Loading Buffer 6X 1000ul C116 $15.00
HMW DNA Ladder (Fastlane) 3000ul M112 $165.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Marker 1200ul M104-1 $44.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Marker 3000ul M104-2 $66.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Plus Marker 1200ul M105-1 $46.00
Lambda DNA/Hind III Plus Marker 3000ul M105-2 $78.00
Logic DNA Ladder 1200ul M103-1 $95.00
Logic DNA Ladder 3000ul M103-2 $220.00
M3000 DNA Marker (Fastlane) 1000ul M3000 $98.00
M8000 DNA Marker (Fastlane) 1000ul M8000 $98.00