• SafeStain 2x PCR Master Mix

The SafeStain 2x PCR Master Mix is a 2X PCR Master Mix with a SafeStain DNA dye. Taq Plus DNA polymerase is used to formulate the master mix with dNTP, Mg2+ and PCR reaction buffer optimally optimized for efficient amplification of DNA templates by PCR. Users only need to add template, primers for PCR, which greatly saves time and reduces contamination due to less pipetting steps needed for PCR set-up. The PCR product can be directly loaded to the gel and visualized under UV or blue light for checking PCR results. No extra staining step is needed because the master mix is already premixed with the SafeStain DNA dye. When running the agarose gel, two non-toxic inert dyes, blue and yellow, will be revealed on the gel. The blue dye migrates at the position about 4kb and the yellow dye is about 10bp of  DNA fragments. It is recommended to run the PCR products side-by-side either with PreSafeStained 100bp DNA Ladder (Cat. No.M3002) or PreSafeStained 1Kb DNA Ladder (M1008).

Special Feature: Direct loading & visualization


SafeStain 2x PCR Master Mix

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