• Taq Plus 2x Master Mix

Taq Plus 2x Master Mixes are pre-optimized and ready-to-use reagents and contains everything needed for any routine PCR experiment. Users only need to add templates and primers, and water if needed. Extra 25mM magnesium solution is also provided for additional fine adjustments. The Red Mixes contain a non-hazardous inert red dye. Completed PCR reactions can be directly loaded into a well of agarose gel or other gels, for electrophoresis. No extra loading buffer is needed.

All Master Mixes are optimized for a wide variety of templates and primers. Mixes are available in regular(A), red(R) and purple(P). The Red Mix (Cat.No D124R) contains a non-hazardous red dye. The Purple Mix (Cat.No D124P) contains two non-hazardous dyes: one red and one blue. Completed reactions can be directly loaded into a well for electrophoresis. No loading buffer is needed! Mixes are stable at storage temperatures of -20°C to 4°C.

  • Pre-optimized ready-to-use PCR reagents
  • Less pipetting to avoid contamination
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Direct loading for electrophoresis
  • Reproducible results


Taq Plus 2x Master Mix

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