Real-time PCR & cDNA Synthesis

Use our optimized and validated specialized reagents and kits to meet the highest standard for your specific research project needs. 

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1-Step EvaGreen qRT-PCR Kit 100rxn G471 $115.00
1-Step TaqProbe qRT-PCR Kit 100rxn G493 $115.00
2X qPCR Universal Green MasterMix 5000ul qMX-Green $125.00
2X qPCR Universal Green MasterMix 25ml 25ml qMX-Green-25ml $495.00
2X qPCR Universal TaqProbe MasterMix 5000ul qMX-TaqM $125.00
2X qPCR Universal TaqProbe MasterMix 25ml 25ml qMX-TaqM-25ml $495.00
5X All-in-One Universal RT MasterMix 100rxn X 20ul G209 $159.00
Column-Pure™ RNA Cleaning Concentrator 50 preps D703 $149.00
Column-Pure™ Total RNA Mini- Preps Kit 100 preps D2312-100 $149.00
Direct RT-qPCR Lysis Reagent 25rxn G915 $65.00
Direct-Cell RT-qPCR Kit by SYBR Green Method 100rxn G917R $179.00
Direct-Cell RT-qPCR Kit by TaqMan Method 100rxn G918R $179.00
EasyScript Plus™ cDNA Synthesis Kit 100rxn G236 $150.00
EasyScript Plus™ Reverse Transcriptase 20,000 U G237 $120.00
RT Genomic DNA Removal Kit 200rxn G488 $75.00
RT™ All-in-One 5X Master Mix has been upgraded to G209 100rxn X 10ul G208-100 $159.00