The 5X RT™ All-in-One Master Mix is perfect for qPCR and PCR. It is a ready-to-use master mix for first-strand cDNA synthesis in a 5X concentration. It contains the EasyScriptTM RTase, ribonuclease inhibitor, cDNA synthesis enhancers, dNTPs, and a balanced concentration for oligo(dT) and random primers. The oligo(dT) anneals selectively to the poly(A) tail of mRNAs and the random primers will anneal anywhere of a RNA molecule. The resultant cDNA can be directly used as template in different experiments, such as qPCR and PCR. 

EasyScriptTM Reverse Transcriptase, or called EasyScriptTM RTase, is a novel engineered reverse transcriptase with higher efficiency for first-strand cDNA synthesis from RNA templates. It represents the best performing RTase on the market. Due to a series of mutations introduced into the RNase H domain, resulting in better yield and length of the synthesized cDNA. And the engineered fidelity-enhancing subunit of the enzyme drastically enhances accuracy in reverse transcription.

  • Simple and fast RT protocol
  • Accuracy for qPCR results
  • Broad coverage for sample contents
  • Wide range for RNA concentration
  • cDNA synthesis for qPCR and PCR
  • Generate cDNA from ssRNA
  • Gene expression studies


RT™ All-in-One Master Mix, 5X

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